About our school

Founded in 2005, the Don Bosco Central School is a venture by the Salesians of Don Bosco. Don Bosco Institutions run by the Salelsians of Don bosco, are home to 12 lakh students in about 2400 institutions in 132 countries across the five continents of the globe. In the understanding of Don Bosco any Don Bosco house has 4 dimensions. It is a school where one learns, it is a home where one feels secure, it is a playground where one can relax with others and it is a church where one can find meaning in life. Like thousands of Don Bosco institutions in 132 countries we are following his educational system noted for its congenial, friendly, and holistic approach.
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Kinder garden

Don Bosco Central school’s kindergarten is yet another of the many educational endeavors by the Salesians of Don Bosco.Our kinder garten is a response to the truth in the dictum, “Child is the father of man” (Wordsworth). The aim of our kinder garten is to impart pre-learning skills while allowing the child the uninhibited freedom of a home atmosphere, to develop at his or her own pace.Don Bosco Central School’s kinder garten is a home away from home
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Our Vision-Mission

The aim of Don Bosco Central School Angamaly is to enable our students to attain integral formation considering IQ, EQ, SQ and HQ following the vision of Don Bosco. We are committed to provide quality education by carriying out systematic and regular evaluation and progressive improvement through the contemporary innovative techniques in accordance with the international practises in keeping with our motto:”Excelsior”.
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Our Gallery

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